Pasticceria Veneta Products

Our “Classics” are characterized by a few simple genuine ingredients, soft or fragrant, stuffed and decorated with creams, fruit or chocolate drops.
They are ideal for starting the day, for a break, exquisite even after a meal.

Our “Special” desserts know how to conquer all palates with their timeless tastes and represent the ideal choice to celebrate a moment of conviviality.

Our “Confectionery” desserts, which have conquered the entire world, tell the story of a timeless confectionery tradition. They represent the certainty of a grand finale.

Ideal for families, our “Family” desserts are able to give small moments of sweetness daily. Particularly indicated to the large distribution channels and retailers.

The Healty Cakes “Gluten free” line is a tasty opportunity for coeliacs in particular and for health-conscious people in general. They are made with selected high quality natural ingredients, to the delight of all palates.

Our vegan desserts, with whole wheat flour, rice oil and olive oil, cocoa butter, are produced in full respect of the animal and the environment to satisfy a whole other diet.

Our single portion dessert, a new concept, are aimed at satisfying every customer’s desire in a different format from our usual cakes, both in terms of quantity and food waste. Made with high-quality raw materials and natural ingredients, to enable the discovery of new taste sensations without hindering the pleasure of “dessert”.

Our brands

Healthy Cakes is the new brand that PASTICCERIA VENETA has created with Luca Montersino, a national and international pastry master. A range of new gluten-free products, sucrose and dairy products that are compatible with celiac and other needs with those who have food intolerances: a choice that highlights the company’s vision, its ability to think about the future by capturing its ever-changing trends and food styles.

Bontà Venete and Dolcezze Veneziane are two of the historical trademarks of PASTICCERIA VENETA.
The strong commitment of the company to valorize its confectionery traditions of a region which lies “Between earth, sky and the sea” has been spoken about creating handcrafted creations By Professional Pastry Masters.