The tiramisu: one of the cakes most representative of the Venetian tradition, has conquered the world with its intense creaminess resting on “soft sponge cake” and accompanied by scented trails of cocoa. The certainty of a grand finale!

Tiramisù was created in the “marca trevigiana”, in the province which was defined, for its natural and artistic beauty, known as the “Garden of Venice”. As evidenced by the gastronome Bepi Maffioli, whom was a restaurateur from Treviso, Carlo Campeol at wrote the recipe. He took ideas from a poor but sweet power of tradition, the “sbatudin”, created especially for children and Senior citizens.

The final version of the original recipe, in addition to eggs and sugar, includes mascarpone, lady fingers or “sponge cake”, coffee and cocoa. Sometimes it is also made with the addition of liquor, of Marsala in particular.