Venetian pastry has a long history which starts at the time of Marco Polo, in the era which Venice was already distinguished for its cosmopolitan character, its openness to countries and distant cultures, its wish to taste and mix smells, and worldwide customs. Its soul is the source of its magic, with a greedy curiosity behind its delicious culinary delights and confectionery.

This ancient history lives in Loredano Grande’s and Dino Bisca’s DNA. It is in fact an integral part of their cultural heritage, it retains the spirit, the desire to improve associating with flavours of the territory, exotic flavours from other places on the planet.

The art of PASTICCERIA VENETA expresses the quality of Venetian pastry, delicacies of those born to celebrate the anniversaries of the sea and countryside … the Carnival, the Feast of the Redeemer and the San Martino. Over time, the Venetian master confectioners began to use traditional ingredients – the pastry, caramel, fruit jams, butter and cream from the Dolomites – together with the spices and commodities such as cocoa, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, thus giving rise to the cakes, tarts and biscuits innovative amiability. It is also known to exchange with places inland…just remember the tiramisu of Treviso and the Old Continent from France with its profiterole, Vienna with its Sacher. Even known for its noble heritage, PASTICCERIA VENETA is beloved around the world


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