Gluten free catalog

Another significant example of commitment by Pasticceria Veneta for food intolerance: the line of healthy cakes gluten free, delicious opportunities. The celiac in particular, and health lovers in general.

The Health Cakes line offers gluten-free desserts created with the collaboration of the famous Master Pastry Chef Luca Montersino.
A range of products, made with specially selected natural ingredients, created in a specific way to avoid any possibility of contamination.
To the delight of the palate, we remember the tiramisu, the excellent Italian dessert, made free of gluten and sugar; The pear crumble is diary-free with muscovado sugar and rice flour, Sacher, the classic Austrian dessert, a gluten-free treat; and Cheesecake, the most famous dessert from the States, without gluten and an Italian version with cream cheese, a rice flour biscuit, cocoa butter, olive oil and sugar.