You represent the future of Pasticceria Veneta, how much do you feel this responsibility?
LUCA: Relatively, because this company is also our company we have learned to love, by the example of our fathers and of our workers.
NICOLA: There is harmony and respect in this firm and this is an added value that we want to characterize in the future. We feel the responsibility, but not the weight.

On what values do you intend to leverage in the coming years?
LUCA: First, the values that we sustained previously: production quality, respect for consumers and traditions, open to innovations…
NICOLA: … but always being faithful to our nature as craftsmen: because the industries, such as agriculture, are the true wealth of our country, these areas should be reconsidered also for the employment of young people.

How do you imagine the “cake” of the future?
LUCA: Good question. I always see it as a moment of great pleasure, but not separated from the actual nutritional needs individual and collective. We’ll have to continue on the line of naturalness started by our pioneering fathers.
NICOLA: And I see diversification depending on the company and its consumers and their food requirements, the traditions and the desire for innovation that will determine the question… We’ll have to be good at increasing our global ductility